What's Being Said...

Managing Partner Peer

I have worked adversely with David Ryan on several cases for many years. He has proven to be a very capable, knowledgeable, and ethical attorney. He has an excellent reputation in our legal community and I can vouch for his character.

Law School Peer

Dave Ryan is one of the finest attorneys I know. He displays all of the qualities for excellent representation and the highest ethical standards.

Civil Litigation Partner Peer

Dave is one of the pre-eiminent lawyers in Tuscaloosa and one that I hold in the highest regards

Law School Peer

Although Dave Ryan has deep legal knowledge and technical skills in his area of practice, he is an exceptional attorney because his counseling of clients extends beyond mere legal expertise to include practical and forward-thinking real-world advice. He is a strategic thinker who is an asset to clients.

Law School Peer

I have worked on a number of matters with Mr. Ryan and he has consistently acted in a very professional and ethical manner. Though extremely busy, he is always accessible. He has has a firm grasp of the "big picture" but he pays close attention to the finest details